The Federation Of Malaysia Hardware, Machinery & Building Materials Dealers' Association (FMHMBA)

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Welcome to FMHMBA.

Thank you for visiting the official website of FMHMBA. We are an industry-related organization with members from 14 national associate members related to hardware, machinery and building materials. In addition to paying attention to business issues that are beneficial to members, we also focus on protect member benefits and attract young entrepreneurs to join in order to realize the great vision of inheriting the past.

Recently, we have successfully established the Youth Council, actively recruiting new blood from all over the country to participate, and creating more successors for the industry. For more details, please continue to follow to the news of FMHMBA.

Datuk Wira Darren Chan Lian Leong
President of FMHMBA


     The establishment of FMHMBA not only promotes and maintains high-level hardware, machinery and building materials services, but also maintains a good relationship between members and the community, as well as the latest business and product information. We also act as a bridge between the government and the industry.

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